1893: A World’s Fair Mystery

1893: A World's Fair Mystery

A theft on the fairgrounds! Precious diamonds stolen from the Kimberly Diamond Mining Exhibit! An urgent telegram from your old partner arrives, requesting your help to solve the mystery. How can you refuse? And besides, you’ve been dying to see the wonder of the age everyone has been talking about, this Columbian Exposition. And so, dossier in hand, you take the next train to Chicago.

But this is no simple theft. And as theft turns to kidnapping, and kidnapping to murder, you find yourself at the center of a plot the extent of which you can only begin to imagine…

1893: A WORLD’S FAIR MYSTERY is an interactive adventure into Chicago history. It uses a text interface and still photos to bring the fair “vividly to life,” and “proves convincingly that the best games aren’t about razzle-dazzle special effects or cheap gimmickry. They’re about story, character, and especially here, location, location, location” (The Associated Press). “Excellent,” says the Chicago Sun-Times, and Game Chronicles Magazine calls 1893 a “breath of fresh air.”

Here are just some of the 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery game features:

  • Hundreds of locations on the fairgrounds to explore, as if you were really there
  • Over 500 archival photographs illustrate the places you go and the people you meet
  • Dozens of interactive characters to encounter
  • Carefully researched and historically accurate
  • Non-linear gameplay — you control where you want to go and when
  • Challenging and unique puzzles
  • In-game hint system
  • Over thirty hours of gameplay

1893: A World’s Fair Mystery also includes 3 PDF guidebooks:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Visitor’s Guide to the World’s Fair
  • A Map of the fairgrounds

Competitions and Awards

1893: A World’s Fair Mystery was listed in GAMES MAGAZINE as one of the top 100 games of the year, a runner-up in the RPG/Adventure category. It was also nominated for two XYZZY awards, for Best Game and Best Setting, and was the winner of the Best Setting award at the 7th Annual XYZZY Awards.

More Information

From here, you can read some more reviews, look at screenshots, or learn more about the 1893 World’s Fair.

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