You wake, a pounding headache loud in your inner ear, the back of your head itching and tingling, your mouth full of cotton. The pain drives away your dreams, weird visions of alien landscapes…

ECDYSIS is a short horror story based on an entry in H.P. Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book.

To play, download the .gam file here.

You’ll need an interpreter to play the game. I recommend Gargoyle for Windows or Spatterlight for Mac.

Competitions and Awards

ECDYSIS was exhibited in Switzerland at the Maison d’Ailleurs (the Museum of Science Fiction, Utopias, and Extraordinary Journeys) from October 2007 to April 2008 as part of a multinational art exhibition of works inspired by Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book.

In conjunction with the exhibit at the Maison d’Ailleurs, this website sponsored the Commonplace Book Project Interactive Fiction Competition. The winner of the Competition was Jon Ingold’s Dead Cities. For more information about the Commonplace Book Project, including links to the other entrants, refer to the project’s ifwiki page.


“A shot of pure Lovecraftian horror,” decidedly “not for the squeamish.” These and more reviews are available from the game’s page in the Interactive Fiction Database. included it in its list of Top 5 Introductory Interactive Fiction Games. Emily Short reviewed all the Commonplace Book Project entries for, as did Eliza Gauger for

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