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A little bit of history — in December of 1999, I had been working on the game 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery for over a year. I was growing frustrated and impatient, yet I knew it was nowhere near completion. So, I embarked on a side project, a website on which I would explore Asian Culture as revealed though popular cinema, especially of Hong Kong, China, Japan, and later South Korea, Thailand, and India. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine grabbed a few issues, beginning with issue 4, which you can take a look at here. The site pre-dated web 2.0. I released new issues once every two months, adding content up to 2003 on a steady basis.  It was not an up to the minute news site, nor a DVD review site, nor even an industry news and interview site. Instead, The Illuminated Lantern was dedicated to bridging the cultural gap between Asian Cinema and western audiences by identifying and exploring historical, cultural, and sociological aspects of our favorite movies. TIME Magazine’s Richard Corliss called The Illuminated Lantern “always enlightening” and “heartily recommended.” But by 2004, though I did a site refresh (which you can see here), I never updated it as regularly or with as many interesting feature articles as the site originally had. I kept the site going with movie reviews for the next 5 years, but in 2009 I ended up breaking the SQL database that the site relied on, and never fixed it.

So what happens now? The Illuminated Lantern site will remain here, but its focus will move to Interactive Fiction, with Asian Cinema only appearing on occasion in a blog post. I am moving the review content of the site over to the Internet Movie Database. Until that is complete, I am leaving the pages up here and linked to below, but note that the commenting on these individual pages does not work.

I have met many generous and talented people who share my passion for Asian Cinema, and my life has been enriched because of it. It is my intention to continue to contribute to the discussion, but these contributions will likely appear elsewhere (hey, maybe more people will read them that way)!

Review Archive:

2 Become 1
2 Young
6 AM
Ab Kya Hoga
Abnormal Beauty
Accidental Spy, The
Aces go Places
Aces Go Places II
Aces Go Places V The Terracotta Hit
Air Hostess
All for the Winner
All of a Sudden
Amar Akbar Anthony
An Empress and the Warriors
Angel Cop: Final Crisis
Anna in Kung Fu Land
Attack of the Joyful Goddess
Attractive One, The
Autumn Diary, An
Avenging Fist, The
Bachelors Beware
Bakery Amour
Bat Without Wings
Battle of Wits
Beast of Tutor
Beasts, The
Beauty and the Breast
Beijing Rocks
Below the Lion Rock: Road
Benaam Badsha
Between Tears and Laughter
Beyond Our Ken
Beyond the Great Wall
Big Boss Untouchable
Big Trouble in Little China
Black Butterfly
Black Mask vs. Gambling Mastermind
Black Night
Blood of Fu Manchu, The (aka Kiss and Kill)
Bloody Cops
Bomb-Shell, The
Born to be King
Born Wild
Boxing King, The
Boy Met Girl
Brides of Fu Manchu, The
Broken Blossoms
Bullets of Love
Cafe Shop
Call-Girls, The
Castle of Fu Manchu, The
Cheaters, The
China Town
China’s Next Top Princess
Chinatown Kid
Chinese Ghost Story
Chinese Ghost Story 2
Chinese Ghost Story III, A
Chinese Orthopedist and the Spice Girls
Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets
Christ of Nanjing, The
Citizen Dog
City of Desire
Colour of Pain
Comic King
Computer Superman aka Yod Manut Computer
Confession of Pain
Conman 2002
Conmen in Vegas
Cop on a Mission
Cop Shop Babes
Cop Unbowed
Cops and Robbers
Corruptor, The
Crazy for Pig Bone in Pot
Crazy Marriage
Crazy Safari
Crazy Scum Dicky’s Journal
Crazy Stone
Cream Soda & Milk
Crime of Beast II
Crying Fiddle
Cyber Cafe
D7: Dangerous Duty
Dance of a Dream
Dandelion Sword, The
Danger Zone
Dare Ya!
Dark War
Dating Death
Daughter of the Dragon
Day Off
Dead End
Deadly Camp 2003
Deadly Melody
Deadly Past
Deals with the Dark
Demoniac Flash
Devdas (1955)
Devil Butcher, The
Devil Eye
Devil Face, Angel Heart
Devil Snake Woman
Devil Touch
Dil Se
Disguised Superstar
Diva ah Hey
Doctor No…
Dragon the Master
Dream and Desire
Dream Lovers
Driving Miss Wealthy
Drunken Master 3
Dry Wood, Fierce Fire
Duel to the Death
Dumbly Agent
Dummy Mommy without a Baby
Dumplings: Three…Extremes
Eight Women Die a Martyr
Ek Se Badhkar Ek
Electrical Girl
Elixir of Love
Emperor and the Assassin, The
Emperor’s Shadow, The (Qin Song)
Enchanting Shadow
Encounter of the Spooky Kind 2
Encounter of the Spooky Kind (aka Spooky Encounters)
End of the Stumer, The
Enemy, The
Enter the Ninja
Enter the Phoenix
Erotic Agent II
Erotic Ghost Story: Perfect Match
Escape from Hong Kong Island
Espirit D’amour
Every Dog has its Date
Exorcist Master
Explosive City
Extras, The
Extreme Challenge
Eye 10, The
Eye 2, The
Eye, The
Eyes, The
Face of Fu Manchu, The
Fall for You
Fall In Love Too Easily
Farewell My Concubine
Fat Choi Spirit
Fatal Contact
Feel 100% 2
Feel it…Say it
Female Ninja Magic Chronicles
Feng Shui and Gambling
Fight to the Finish 2003, A
Fighting for Love
Fighting to Survive
Final Detention
Final Justice
Final Romance
Final Winner
Finale in Blood
Fing’s Raver
Foolish 23
Forbidden Wet Tales
Forest of Death
Forever and Ever
Forever Yours
Four Darling Daughters
Foxy Ladies
Foxy Spirits
Freaky Story
From the Queen to the Chief Executive
Frugal Game
Fulltime Killer
Funeral March
Gambler’s Story, A
Gameboy Kids
Gangs 2001
Gates of Hell
Generation Gap
Ghost Eyes
Gimme Gimme
Give Them a Chance
Glass Tears
God of Gamblers
God of Gamblers 2
God of Gamblers 3 – The Early Years
God of Gamblers III – Back to Shanghai
God of Gamblers Returns
Goddess of Mercy
Gold Fingers
Golden Chicken
Golden Swallow
Golden Sword, The
Gong Tau
Goodbye Mr. Cool
Great Conqueror’s Concubine, The
Great Massacre
Great Wall, The
Greatest Civil War on Earth, The
Green Snake
Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers?
Half Twin
Happenings, The
Happy Family
Haunted Office
Haunted School
He Lives by Night
Heartbreak Motel
Heat Team
Heavenly Kings
Her Name is Cat 2: Journey to Death
Her Tender Heart
Her Tender Love
Herbal Tea
Heroes in Love
Hidden Heroes
Himalaya Singh
Hit Team
Hocus Pocus
Hollywood Hong Kong
Hong Kong History Y
Hong Kong Night Guide
Hong Kong Show Girls
Hooker’s World
Horror Hotline…Big Head Monster
House of Devil Evil Sledge
House of Flying Daggers
House of Mad Souls, A
House of Mahjong
Human Pork Chop
Humayun (1945)
Husn aur Ishq
I Want to Get Married
If U Care
I’ll Call You
Immortal Enemy
Imp, The
In Laws, Out Laws
In Love with a Ghost in Lushan
Infernal Mission
Ingeniously Taking Mount Hua
Inner Senses
Insee Tong aka Golden Eagle
Interactive Murders
Internet Disaster
Invincible, The
Iron King
Irresistible Piggies
Itchy Heart
Jaani Dost
Janwar aka Jaanwar
Jiang Hu
July Rhapsody
Jungle Ki Nagin
Just Like Weather
Just One Look
Khoon Pasina
Kid, The
Killer 2
Killing End
Killing Skill
Kingdom and the Beauty, The
Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Fu Mahjong
Kung Fu Master is my Grandma!
Kyon Ki…it’s Fate
La Brassiere
Lady General Hua Mu Lan
Lahu Ke Do Rang
Lan Yu
Leave Me Alone
Leaving in Sorrow
Leaving Me, Loving You
Legend of a Professional
Legend of Zu
Lethal Ninja
Life after Life
Life and Times of Wu Zhong Xian, The
Life Express
Lifeline Express
Ling’s Story
Lion Roars, The
Looking for Mr. Perfect
Lost and Found
Love au Zen
Love Battlefield
Love for all Seasons
Love is a Many Stupid Thing
Love is Butterfly
Love on a Diet
Love on the Rocks
Love Trilogy
Love Undercover
Love Undercover 3
Loving Him
Lucky: No Time for Love
Lunch With Charles
Mae Bae
Magic Cop
Magic Kitchen
Maid from Heaven, A
Man Called Hero, A
Maniacal Night
Mantis Combat
Marriage with a Fool
Marry a Rich Man
Martial Angels
Mask of Fu Manchu, The
Master Q 2001
Master Q: Incredible Pet Detective
May & August
Maybe It’s Love
McDull, Prince de la Bun
Medallion, The
Midnight Fly
Midnight Running
Mighty Baby
Miracle Box, The
Miss Du Shi Niang
Mist in Judge
Money Kills
Mong Tak Cho 2: Snake Goblin
Mong Tak Cho: Virgin Power
Mother India
Moving Targets
Mr. 3 Minutes
Mr. Vampire
Mr. Vampire 2
Mummy Aged 19, The
Musical Singer
My Baby Shot Me Down
My Darling Genie
My Hero
My Horny Girlfriend
My Kung Fu Sweetheart
My Left Eye Sees Ghosts
My Life as McDull
My Lucky Star
My Rebellious Son
My Schoolmate, the Barbarian
My Sweetie
My Troublesome Buddy
My Wife is 18
Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu, The
Mysterious Mr. Wong, The
Mysterious Murder, A
Myth, The
Naag Devi
Naag Shakti
Nagin (1954)
Naked Poison 2
Naked Weapon
Neon Goddesses
New Blood
New Mr. Vampire 1992
New Option
New Police Story
Night Club on Fire
Nightmare from Snake
Nightmare in Precinct 7
Nine Girls and a Ghost
Ninja Dragon, The
Ninja in the Deadly Trap
Ninja in the Dragon’s Den
Ninja Wars
Ode to Gallantry
Once Upon a Time in Triad Society
Once Upon a Time in Triad Society 2
One Missed Call
One Night in Mongkok
Osaka Wrestling Restaurant
Our Dream Car
Painted Faces
Painted Skin
Papa Loves You
Para Para Sakura
Peeping, The
Peking Opera Blues
Periya Idathu Penn
Pink Thief
Play with Strangers
Point of No Return
Police Case
Possessed (1983)
Possessed II
Princess Chang Ping
Princess – D
Prison on Fire: Life Sentence
Prison on Fire – Plaintive Destiny
Prison on Fire – Preacher
Professional, The
Protege de la Rose Noire
Psychedelic Cop
Public Toilet
Pure and the Evil, The
Pyaar Mein Twist
Pyaasi Nagin
Replacement Suspects, The
Return from the Other World
Return of Dr. Fu Manchu, The
Revenge of Angel
River of Fury
Runaway Pistol
Running Out of Time 2
Sai Kung Story
Sai Teri Maya
Saint of Gamblers
Satan Returns
Seamy Side of Life — A Black Chick
Seamy Side of Life II: Crying Stars
Second Time Around
Secret Drawing, The
Secret Pursuit, The
Secret Society, The – Boss
Secret Society, The – The Best Hack
Secrets of Chinatown
Secrets of Wu Sin, The
Set to Kill
Set Up
Seven Days in Coffin
Sex and the Beauties
Sex Medusa
Sexy Playgirls
Shadow Mask
Shaolin Soccer
Shaolin vs. Evil Dead
Shark Busters
Sharp Guns
Shinobi No Mono
Shopaholics, The
Silver Hawk
Six Strong Guys
Sky of Love
Sleeping with the Dead
Slim Til Dead
Snake Charmer
So Close
Source of Love, The
Sparkling Red Star
Split of the Spirit
Spooky Bunch, The
Spring Song
Star Runner
Stewardess, The
Stolen Love
Story of Freemen, The
Summer Breeze of Love
Summer I Love You
Sun, Moon, and Star I
Sun, Moon, and Star II
Sweet Gang, The
Swift Sword
Sword of Emei
Sword of Swords
Sword, The
Tale from the East, A
Taste of Killing and Romance, A
Tattooed She Killer
Teenage Gambler
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Terracotta Warrior, A
There Is a Secret In My Soup
Thou Shall Not Commit
Three of a Kind
Thundering Sword, The
Time 4 Hope
Time to Love, A
To Hell with the Devil
To Seduce An Enemy
Touch of Zen, A
Touch, The
Tragic Room, A
Treasure of Mueang Lup Lae
Trek, The
Trouble Makers, The
Troublesome Night 10
Troublesome Night 11
Troublesome Night 12
Troublesome Night 13
Troublesome Night 14
Troublesome Night 15
Troublesome Night 16
Troublesome Night 17
Troublesome Night 18
Troublesome Night 19
Troublesome Night 8
Troublesome Night 9
Troublesome Romance
Turn Left Turn Right
Twilight Siren, The
Twilight Zone Cops: My Spirited Wife
Twins Effect II
Twins Mission
Two Individual Package Women
Ultimate Fight
Ultimate Intelligence
Ultimate Vampire
Unarm 72 Hours
Undercover Madams, The
Unplugging Nightmare
Untold Story: Sudden Vanished
Unusual Youth, The
Vampire Buster
Vampire Combat
Vampire Controller
Vampire’s Breakfast
Varan the Unbelievable
Vengeance of Fu Manchu, The
Visible Secret
Visible Secret 2
Walk In
Wall, The
Warrior Lanling
Wedding or a Funeral, A
Werewolf in Bangkok
Wesley’s Mysterious File, The
White Dragon
Why Me, Sweetie?
Wife from Hell
Wild Ones, The
Wise Guys Never Die
Wo Hu
Woh Kaun Thi?
Woman of the Night
Women from Mars
Women on the Run
Women’s Private Parts
Wu Yen
Yah Nark
Yesterday Once More
You Shoot, I Shoot
Young and Dangerous
Young and Dangerous 2
Young and Dangerous 3
Young and Dangerous 4
Young and Dangerous 5
Young and Dangerous — The Prequel
Young Ones, The aka Half Past 15 Years Old
Young People

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