Loop by Koji Suzuki
November 17, 2005
The third book in the RING cycle, now out in hardcover in English translation from Vertical, Inc. Again, as in Spiral, everything you thought you knew about the Ring virus is swept aside. A remarkable achievement, though an unsatisfactory ending and dodgy science conspire to make it the weakest of the three books so far.
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Godzilla on my Mind by William Tsutsui
April 15, 2005
Early in the book, William Tsutsui writes, "The Godzilla films were made to be engrossing, exciting, humorous, perhaps a little thought-provoking, and -- above all -- enjoyable. That's what I would like this book to be as well." I regret to inform you that, when the last page was turned, it was zero for five. This is the crap that gets published for Godzilla's fiftieth anniversary? Say it ain't so.
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Dark Water by Koji Suzuki
March 21, 2005
A collection of short stories, the title story of which has been made into a motion picture in Japan by Hideo Nakata, the same director who so successfully brought Suzuki's RING to the big screen. And, like RING, it is being made into an American movie, too. Nakata's movie was pretty good. I expect the American movie to be mediocre, but I hope to be surprised. Anyway no matter how bad the upcoming movie turns out to be, I can't imagine it will be as poor as this collection of obvious and clumsy short stories all taking place in or around water.
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Dogs and Demons by Alex Kerr
January 06, 2005
Reading Alex Kerr's book DOGS AND DEMONS is like getting all dressed up, walking outside, and having a cold bucket of water thrown on your face. As you stand there, dripping, in shock, your first thought is, "Damn! Now my clothes are all wet!" But then your thoughts turn. Perhaps to pity: "Why did this have to happen to me?" To anger: "I'm going to get that guy who threw that water." Or maybe, just maybe, that splash makes you suddenly look up, and find that you've wandered off the path, and are standing in an unknown, unfriendly, run-down part of town. As you retrace your steps, you wonder how you could have been so lost in your thoughts, so oblivious to your surroundings, that you let this happen.
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Hong Kong Filography Vol. 1: 1913-1941
June 15, 2004
The Hong Kong Film Archive has compiled and published four books so far under the title Hong Kong Filmography being an attempt to list systematically and chronologically the complete film output of Hong Kong. So far, the series has reached the end of the fifties, but the first volume only covers up until 1941, the pre-war years. It is a fascinating, but frustrating, book to read.
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Spiral by Koji Suzuki
May 01, 2004
The sequel to Ring, the famous horror thriller that spawned a million movie versions, has been released in English Translation courtesy of Vertical, Inc.. Fans of the film, or of the earlier novel, would do well to seek it out. It is a sequel that is not only successful in its own right, but it also improves the first novel in retrospect.
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