A History of Hong Kong Production Company Logos, Part One: The Early Years
June 29, 2006
Anyone who goes to the movies knows the power of the animated, production company logos that precede them. MGM is a pale shadow of its former self, but its roaring lion logo reminds viewers of their proud dominance of the industry in days gone by. The best logos are easily remembered: along with the lion, there is the unicorn (Tri-Star), Columbia (well, Columbia), tinker bell (Disney); while others are just as easily forgotten. Here is a first look at some of these mini-movies before the movie, that heralded Hong Kong production companies of the past and present.
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Seven Other Swords
October 27, 2005
In honor of Tsui Hark's latest attempt to make a bigger name for himself, SEVEN SWORDS, I sat down with some older Hong Kong films and discovered seven other swords, each featured in their own film.
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The Black Rose
July 22, 2004
The Black Rose is a legendary heroine in Hong Kong Cinema. But why is she remembered, and other heroes left to languish, forgotten? The story of a classic Cantonese film, it's revival as postmodern comedy, and its most recent incarnation as a star vehicle for the pop group Twins.
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