Know your PreFab Cantopop Bands
July 27, 2005
They sound awful...but look great! Well, if you're 12 or younger, at any rate. And just imagine how they will sound once their voices change! I've tried, honestly I have, but I can't care any less about these bands and their youthful members. Only trouble is, they keep cropping up in movies. So it's time to put together a scorecard to tell your Twins from Cookies, your Boy'z from Beyond. Here is all you need to know about the prefab pop bandmembers that keep getting in the way of a good show.
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Guitar Wolf
March 07, 2005
At 1:00 pm last Sunday, I was driving my family to see Ella Jenkins in concert. At 1:00 am that night, I was in a crowd of leather-clad kids moshing to Guitar Wolf in concert at the Abbey Pub in Chicago, while Bass Wolf was shouting to someone in the crowd: "Hey, F***face, give me pot!!!" The life of an aging Asian Cinema fanatic is strange indeed...
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