Leslie Cheung Foreshadows his own Suicide
March 16, 2005
OK, it was a little disturbing to watch INNER SENSES, which ends with Cheung standing on the edge of a building, ready to kill himself, when you know that less than a year later that is precisely what he did. But looking at his cinematic output as a whole, it seems as if his roles have almost pre-programmed him to come to such an end. I've never seen such a collection of morose, suicide-obsessed individuals as the ones he has played throughout his career.
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Blood and Despair: The Horror films of Billy Chung
May 12, 2004
Horror films have long been a staple of Hong Kong cinema, though many of the best efforts combine horror with kung fu, comedy, or both. Billy Chung, on the other hand, uses his films to plumb the depths of the human soul in the grisliest manner possible. Two words sum up his directorial output so far: Blood and despair.
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Who's Who in Hung Hing
March 15, 2001
Central to the Young and Dangerous series are the members of the Hung Hing gang. But with all of the movies, and all of the different characters, it becomes exhausting to keep track of everyone. Nothing spoils the dramatic intensity of a moment more than the words, "Wait, who was that who just died?" With that in mind, here are just a few of the central characters from the Young and Dangerous films.
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