The Stomping Guide to Japan: Nagoya
March 07, 2006
Only of passing interest as a modern city, Nagoya is nevertheless the fourth largest city in Japan, and is one of a handful of stops on the JR Shinkansen line, though few tourists get off here. I recommend hopping off the train for a short day trip, if you have the time. Monster visits are surprisingly common for a city without many notable attractions. Visitors include Godzilla, Gaos, and Battra, all of whom hit the major sites in a quick rampage before moving on.
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Hong Kong Convention Center
April 24, 2004
To watch Hong Kong cinema is to see the city itself, projecting its aspirations, and failures, onto the screen. When a new building goes up, filmmakers come up with ways to utilize it in their story, when one gets torn down, they do the same. In the first of a series, Peter Nepstad explores a city landmark and its representation in Hong Kong cinema.
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