Seven Other Swords

In honor of Tsui Hark's latest attempt to make a bigger name for himself, SEVEN SWORDS, I sat down with some older Hong Kong films and discovered seven other swords, each featured in their own film.

The Thundering Sword
Identifying Characteristics: Ebony blade.

Legend: It can defeat the world's other great swords. When the sword appears it will cause great disaster, ceasing only when the earth cracks, and people will kill for it incessantly.
Reference: The Thundering Sword.

The Jade Dragon Sword
Identifying Characteristics: Glows green when unsheathed. Cuts other swords like butter.

Legend: A treasure of the ShengZhou Dynasty which was used to kill an incarnation of the Buddha. Whoever owns the sword will end up with a broken family. Whoever steals the sword is banished to the Dragon Swamp for a period of twenty years.
Reference: Dragon Swamp.

The Sword of Swords
Identifying Characteristics: A broad, flat blade. Emits a sonic scream that deafens opponents and kills at a distance just by flashing it in the air.

Legend: Forged in 1000 BC by Sung Dynasty swordsmith Meng Yao Chi, weilded by General Meng Liang, who was undefeated in battle. At last, the famous sword surfaced again in the Ming Dynasty.
Reference: The Sword of Swords.

The Deer Cutting Blade
Identifying Characteristics: Typically carried in a bundle, it is difficult to see how it differs from an ordinary sword in appearance.
Legend: Cast with nine kinds of the hardest steel by Saint Xu Ruzi, who spent his entire lifetime on the blade. It cuts steel as paper and breaks even the finest ancient weapons. So naturally, Deer wouldn't stand a chance.
Reference: Swordsman & Enchantress.

The Swift Sword
Identifying Characteristics: The scabbard looks like a white cobra, the handle is the head of the snake.
Legend: The sword of Bai Yiping, who disappeared into the mountains and was assumed dead. But in reality, he was waiting to train the right person in the use of his sword, which he stuck into a stone, Excalibur-like, waiting for the right man to remove it. The sword is nice, but not really useful without also learning the 49 Swift Sword stances, passed down from master to student.
Reference: Swift Sword.

The Golden Sword
Identifying Characteristics: Short blade, gold in color, which glows like a torch when held out at night.
Legend: A special weapon of the Dragon Palace, an all-woman secret martial arts land where first born males are killed and adult males are sent to hard labor.
Reference: The Golden Sword.

The Bat Blades
Identifying Characteristics: Short, curved blades, resembling scimitars.

Legend: The blades were given by the rapist/killer/martial arts master Bat Without Wings to the two women that he fell in love with and consequently decided not to rape. Combining the two blades reveals the location of his secret kungfu manual.
Reference: Bat Without Wings.

Posted by Peter Nepstad on October 27, 2005.

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