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Central to the Young and Dangerous series are the members of the Hung Hing gang. But with all of the movies, and all of the different characters, it becomes exhausting to keep track of everyone. Nothing spoils the dramatic intensity of a moment more than the words, "Wait, who was that who just died?" With that in mind, here are just a few of the central characters from the Young and Dangerous films.

No girlfriends are listed here, nor gang members of San Luen, Tung Sing, or Yamada. Only the leaders of Hung Hing, and the boys led by Chan Ho Nam. It should be enough of a cheat sheet to keep all the main characters straight. There are also links from each of the actors names to their listing in the Hong Kong Movie Database, so the curious can discover what other films their favorite actors have been in.

The Hung Hing Boys

The heroes of the Young and Dangerous series are Chan Ho Nam and his fellows. The story follows them as they grow up, join the triad, fight, and either die or get promoted.

Chan Ho Nam. Leader of the Hung Hing boys, Ho Nam's meteoric rise through the Triad ranks, his romantic entanglements, and his disillusionment about life as a triad play a central part in the series. Played by Cantopop star Ekin Cheng, for whom the Young and Dangerous series remains among his best work to date.

Chicken. Ho Nam's best friend, Chicken also attempts to climb the triad ladder, but his road is much rockier than Ho Nam's. He ends up leaving Hung Hing and joining the San Luen gang in Taiwan. The main storyline alternates between Chicken and Ho Name throughout the series. Given life through strong performances by Jordan Chan.

Ah Yee. Ah Yee seems closer to Ho Nam and Chicken than others in the gang, perhaps because he seems a bit smarter than the others. His wedding to his girlfriend KK takes place in Young and Dangerous 4. Played by Michael Tse.

Pao-Pan. Pao-Pan has been with Ho Nam since the beginning. Although he is not especially bright, he is loyal to a fault, and can always be counted on to stand with his brothers. His name is translated differently in every film he is in. He also has a brother, Chow-Pan, but don't get too attached to him. Played by Jerry Lamb.

Banana Skin. Recruited by Pao-Pan to join the gang in Young and Dangerous 2. Polite and shy in the company of Branch Leaders, he is nevertheless a tough fighter. Played by Jason Chu.

Big Head. Older than the others, Big Head was originally a follower of Brother Bee then took the fall for a killing and served nine years in prison. First introduced in Young and Dangerous 5. Played by Chin Kar-Lok, who usually works behind the scenes as an action director and stunt man.

The Dragon Head

Every gang must have its leader, and for the Hung Hing, it is the Chiang brothers.

Mr. Chiang. Leader of the Hung Hing for the first three Young and Dangerous movies. Charming and pleasant, he has slowly lost interest in the triad lifestyle, and looks forward to enjoying a comfortable retirement. Played by the always cool Simon Yam.

Mr. Chiang Tin-Yeung. Coaxed out of retirement to take over for his brother in Young and Dangerous 4. A businessman first and triad leader second, Chiang Tin-Yeung steers the Hung Hing gang away from street level crime toward lucrative legal businesses. Played by Alex Man.

The Branch Leaders

There are 12 branch leaders of Hung Hing. Some of them are rarely seen and have little part in the drama. Others feature in every film. Here are the some of the most important branch leaders:

Chan Yiu. Chan Yiu is the 'Assistant Mountain Lord' of Hung Hing, he is the boss when the boss is away. He blends into the background, no doubt explaining why he's lived so long. Played by Tin Man Chuk.

Brother Bee. Branch leader of Causeway Bay, Ho Nam and the gang follow Brother Bee because of his righteous ways. Played by Ng Chi Hung, a former triad member himself and official consultant on the Young and Dangerous films.

Kwan. Ugly Kwan is the nastiest of the Hung Hing branch leaders and attempts to ruin Ho Nam's character in Young and Dangerous. Featured in glorious nastiness in Once Upon a Time in Triad Society. Played by Francis Ng.

Tai Fei. Tai Fei competes with Ho Nam for branch leader of Causeway Bay in Young and Dangerous 2. He eventually takes over a 'blue' publishing business. Featured in The Legendary Tai Fei. Played by Anthony Wong.

Brother Key. Brother Key is the eldest of the branch leaders, and may be the only one to have appeared in every Young and Dangerous film. At times with Ho Nam, at times against him, Brother Key always has his own best interests at heart. Played by Lee Siu-Kei.

Ben Hon. Branch leader, affiliated with the Tuen Mun leader Dinosaur. Ben Hon struggles to earn money through partially legitimate businesses, but is in a financially weak position. Close to Sister 13. Played by Vincent Wan.

Sister 13. Branch leader of Portland Street, a modern day brothel madam. Openly gay, she nevertheless maintains a relationship of sorts with branch leader Ben Hon. Featured in Portland Street Blues. Played by Sandra Ng.

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great fact sheet

Posted by: ruth at September 27, 2004 11:23 PM

i lile hung hing boy i want to become ho nam , ho nam is good brother i want to follow him to know how to look after by myself i hope this story is true i hope in my future same ho nam
thanks and follow ho nam forever

Posted by: sang long at May 17, 2007 10:06 PM

I like YounG AnD DangeRouS..Hung HinG Is My faV GrOUP iN HoNG KonG!!!

I WanT 2 be ChaN Ho NaM..| feLL I LiKE Ho NAM..I liKe 2 Hit SomeBodY!!!

Posted by: Acil Ho NaM at September 8, 2008 01:45 AM

I watched movied called Triads - The Inside Story (1989) played by Chow Yun Fat. The story is about Chow came back from US found his father (leader of Hung Hing) killed. So he replaced his father position and tried to run the gang. It seems like Hung Hing gang has been popular long before the first Young & Dangerous movie is out, dun u think? Chow Yun Fat as Dragon leader of Hung Hing group far before Mr Chiang.

Posted by: hung hing dai low at February 25, 2009 04:00 PM

None of the links to the HKMDB seem to work. :( The site is undergoing reno work these days, so perhaps that's a factor. Don't know.

Posted by: Brian T at February 28, 2009 11:08 AM

I like very2 like this film.I like the Hung Hing society and the Yakuza.

Posted by: Bro.Jen at April 30, 2009 01:39 AM
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