2 Young
Hong Kong 2005
Directed by Derek Yee.

Two young teens (Jaycee Fong and Fiona Sit) fall in love and fool around one night and -- whoops! Fiona is pregnant. Now they must decide whether to get an abortion or try to raise the child in opposition to both their parents -- the working class bus driver and wife (Eric Tsang and Teresa Mo) in Jaycee's corner, and in Fiona's, two famous attorneys (Anthony Wong and Candace Yu).

All the old-timers are a lot of fun to watch, but the kids are not very convincing and the romance lukewarm at best. Romance at the bare minimum should require a bit of eye contact at least, but Jaycee Fong seemed determined not to even look at his costar unless he absolutely had to. They have one sweet kiss, which stands in for their sex scene, but other than that, barely touch. Maybe a hug in there somewhere. Hong Kong makes a lot of romances -- romantic comedies, romantic dramas, etc., and a great many of them share this fatal flaw -- none of the participants are willing to even pretend to be in love with someone, no doubt for fear of endless tabloid gossip that must follow even the lightest touch of an ungloved hand. Soon I expect to see kissing stand-ins (probably a blessing given how limp and unengaged most HK screen kisses are), and full body condoms for any scenes that involve some sort of bed-share arrangement. Here's my recommendation for Jaycee Fong: rent LOVE IN A FALLEN CITY, and see how Chow Yun-Fat kisses Cora Miao. Next, quit the acting business in shame. No, I'm being mean. Still, Jaycee will always be in the shadow of his father (Jackie Chan) and will never be able to compete physically, which means he'll need to actually learn to act if he wants to distinguish himself in some way. Judging by 2 YOUNG, he's still got a long ways to go.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on April 04, 2007.

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