Bat Without Wings
Hong Kong 1980
Directed by Chu Yuan.

Five years ago, 28 of the best boxers of the martial world teamed up to defeat the villainous "Bat Without Wings." In the end, legend has it, he killed 26 of the boxers buy was finally defeated. But it isn't so, for as soon as Lei-feng leads her security escort service to an old teahouse, they are slaughtered to a man by the owner (Ku Feng), who claims he is the Bat. Lei-feng gets trapped in his underground lair and sent home in pieces. It's up to her fiancee, her father, and the famous Xiao Qi (Derek Yee) of the Broken-heart sword to locate the two surviving boxers from the first assault on the Bat and uncover the truth of the matter. Another deliriously weird wuxia mystery from director Chu Yuan, who packs his beautiful sets with colorful characters like "Venomous Wuxie, the Stun Dude" and "The Grim and Bewitching Xu Fang", and creates action scenes from decapitated maidens, swordsmen frozen like statues, bamboo that moves (and explodes), stone reindeer, and an arch villain who stole his makeup job from Gene Simmons.

Rating: Recommended (Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on October 16, 2005.

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