Boxing King, The
Hong Kong 2003
Directed by Lau Chun Fai, Lee Ping Kwong.

Fan Siu Wong plays a dim witted construction worker who knows how to fight. He gets into boxing, and gets his brains bashed out. This doesn't make him smarter, but neither does it have any other noticable effect, other than an extended hospital stay. When he gets out, he gets trained by Yu Rong Guang, despite his girlfriend's wishes, and enters the boxing competition. The always welcome Cynthia Khan shows up to kicks Fan Siu Wong's ass in one scene, then gives him a bit of training later. A low budget production, but at least it was shot on film, not digital video, though without synch sound. Melodramatic, violent, a nice cast, but unsurprising, and like countless other, similar, but better movies. It's very similar to the Aaron Kwok starrer SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME, to mention just one example. Note that the sales information and DVD blurb call it a sequel to THE STORY OF RICKY, and even call Fan Siu Wong's character Ricky, but this is a complete lie. His name is Alex, and the story bears no relation to THE STORY OF RICKY.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on August 31, 2004.

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