Cafe Shop
Hong Kong 2003
Directed by Kenneth Lau.

Tsui Kam Kong is a fun Hong Kong actor who has been around for ages, playing masculine, bald, and mustached types for as long as I can remember. Whether engaged in wild, over-the-top wire fu or wild, over-the-top flying mad sex, Tsui Kam Kong is the man for the job. Unfortunately, he has all but disappeared from the movies lately. I was excited to see him on the cover of this one, but sadly, it lacks subtitles, and a quick skim through the movie revealed nothing over-the-top, nothing even near the edge. Just a plain looking digital video production about the owner of a cafe (Tsui Kam Kong), his customers, and family.

Rating: No English subtitles (No English subtitles)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on June 17, 2004.

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