City of Desire
Hong Kong 2001
Directed by Raymond Yip.

Sandra Ng stars as a daughter returning to Macao to take over her father's business. Only trouble is, his business is prostitution, and it isn't pretty. Alex Fong is her childhood friend who wants to settle down with her, Anthony Wong a local priest who sees Macao as a modern day Gommorah. Not nearly as sensational or exploitative as it needed to be, the film prefers to preach and to look down on the whole affair. All men are pigs, all women are abused, and a subplot about a cop (Blackie Ko) who takes a deaf prostitute (Alice Chan) into his home to care for her ultimately goes nowhere. Sandra Ng gives a fine performance, as does Anthony Wong in his brief appearances.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on March 31, 2004.

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