Hong Kong 1975
Directed by Sun Chung.

A contemporary social drama about lovers (Lin Chen-Chi and Tsung Hua) who live together before getting married. Scandalous! Or presumably, it was more so at the time. He's a writer of fiction columns in the newspaper, she ran away from home to avoid the man her family wanted her to marry. Their trials and tribulations are mostly dull affairs, enlivened only by the occasional downpour, followed without exception by Lin Chen-Chi going topless. The second half of the movie picks up the drama, with Lin's distrust of her man causing her own downfall. Orphanages, divorces, abortions, drunken molestation, and more nudity ensues, but the social realism is lacking and the characters generally unconvincing. Sun Chung's direction is artless and occasionally cliche. The one bright spot of the production is without a doubt 19 year old Lin Chen-Chi, she is arresting and delivers a brave performance. Though she did both period and contemporary work at Shaw's, her strength was in portraying a troubled youth in modern Hong Kong, as she does here. Too bad everything else about the film is so unexceptional.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on March 18, 2005.

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