Comic King
Hong Kong 2001
Directed by O Sing-Pui.

Eason Chan and Julian Cheung are a comic book artist and writer who work to create their own best selling series of comics. They interact with their own creations, including their dramatic hero, played by Nic Tse. The first part of the movie is bursting with potential and has a sense of excitement, but the film loses all momentum and the pace turns absolutely glacial when they both fall for the same girl and get angry at each other and mope around a lot, while their comic book heroes dispense advice about love. Fans of Young & Dangerous, A Man Called Hero, and the like should pick this up to enjoy the comic book reconstructions and parodies here. I found the conversations of the comic book characters who know they are comic book characters to be especially amusing.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on March 31, 2004.

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