Dating Death
Hong Kong 2004
Directed by Herman Yau.

A group of friends go out to a private island villa, where one of them, after confessing his love of one of the girls, is brutally killed. Five years later, they all go back, and natually, get bumped off one after another while they try to solve the mystery. Although the young, "fresh-faced" cast, including a couple girls from the not particularly successful "Cookies" band, perform adequately in their cookie-cutter roles, but story is stale, and production as a whole is lacking in any novel twists. Even Tats Lau, as the mysterious caretaker, fails to generate excitement. One of the friends is an accomplished magician, his tricks however, are CGI generated and not at all impressive. Likewise the villa itself, at least in exterior shots, is an entirely CGI-generated building. Why it was necessary to invent such a building as opposed to finding a suitable location escapes me. While it is an accomplishment to turn out what is at least a watchable film on what must have been a microscopic budget, the final result merits little attention. Similar in many ways to the better, yet still not very good, DIAL D FOR DEMONS (Billy Tang, 2000). DATING DEATH was released on the same day as ASTONISHING, another, much better, Herman Yau thriller.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on November 02, 2004.