Disguised Superstar
Taiwan 2003
Directed by Yun Qiao.

A casual glance at the DVD or the advertising for this film might lead you to believe that Miriam Yeung is the star. WRONG! She shows up for a brief cameo and nothing more. Instead the movie stars Taiwanese TWINS wannabees S.H.E. -- A three-girl pop band (created, naturally, as a result of a competition, fabricated from beginning to end). Their names: Selina, Hebe, and Ella. (S*H*E -- clever, isn't it?). It appears, however, that only Selina and Hebe made it to the movie, however, leading one to speculate if they've dropped Ella and added, say, *I*rene and *T*anya.

To be honest, not even Selina and Hebe star in A DISGUISED SUPERSTAR. They play little childish prattling High School girls, of remarkably little charisma and only barely of import to the plot.

No, A DISGUISED SUPERSTAR stars yet another forgettable pop idol, Huang An, as a young music teacher who looks a lot like a famous pop idol. He impersonates him once at the beginning of the film, then gets a job in an arts academy teaching music, with Selina and Hebe as his students. He never impersonates the idol again, and it has nothing to do with the rest of the story, so one wonders what the point of the moment was and why the movie is named after it.

Once he's in school, he is made fun of by the students, but naturally wins them over and prepares them for a big music competition. The new English and P.E. teachers also have a hard time at first, then change their curriculums to be exciting and new as well. All in all, the story plays like a pathetic failure at mimicking SCHOOL OF ROCK (2003, Richard Linklater, USA).

However, there is the matter of Jane Chen (aka Jennifer Chen aka Chan Ming Chun), the most beautiful and talented Taiwanese pop singer of the lot. She is consigned to a supporting role, as the academic designer for the school, who moonlights at night as a lounge singer. I kept waiting for her and Huang An to start their romance, but it never happened. Instead she has a crush on the older, unattractive principal of the school, while Huang An starts an online romance with Hebe, who looks all of about 16. Love is in the air, but it is nothing I care to watch.

At least the subtitles on the DVD offered some entertainment. My favorite gaffe: "Hebe" is constantly referred to as "Pepe." I imagine her as a young mexican man, even now. It certainly made the romance angle a lot more interesting.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on November 09, 2004.


could your extreme prejudice against s.h.e just be your way of compensating for the extreme shittiness that is twins? (of whom you seem to be a fan of)

granted, this movie probably IS crap, but your incessant whining about the stars rather than the characters is just contrite.

Posted by: bob at June 17, 2005 09:27 AM

not to mention that s.h.e and twins both came onto the music scene at pretty much the same time (summer/fall 2001). but I agree with the previous commenter. whether or not you like the band should have nothing to do with the ACTUAL quality of the movie.

Posted by: compliant at January 21, 2007 07:52 PM
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