Diva ah Hey
Hong Kong 2003
Directed by Joe Ma.

Charlene Choi is the simple daughter of a fishmonger (Lam Suet), who dreams of becoming a star. Her big break comes in the form of being a studio singer for Shadow, a pop star whose voice stinks and who isn't particularly interested in the job (Niki Chow), but has quite the attraction to her chauffeur, played in a gruff, somewhat alarming manner by Shawn Yue. Jordan Chan rounds out the cast as Shadow's producer. Charlene Choi bobbles around and endears herself to everyone but the audience; I found her performance to be so completely insincere as to become repulsive. It is impossible to enjoy this film with Charlene Choi flopping about in nearly every scene like a froth-mouthed epileptic. Shawn Yue meanwhile proves himself able to take a very modest character role and make it engaging, even though poor writing and fumbling attempts to pull on our heartstrings do all they can to make him less credible. But he is a marvel compared to Choi, who plays scenes with Lam Suet, who is supposed to play her father, as if they don't even know each other.Jordan Chan mostly just looks dour and conflicted, perhaps even a little constipated, throughout. On screen, he's a poor match for Choi, his fellow YOUNG & DANGEROUS alum Ekin Cheng is a much better match (perhaps because Cheng, like Choi, often appears to have nothing going on upstairs). So here we have a movie that proclaims Charlene Choi is a diva. Not likely. Check back in twenty years, dear, and we'll see if you still suck. In the meantime, she's heading more in the direction of becoming a prima donna.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on November 16, 2004.

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