Erotic Ghost Story: Perfect Match
Hong Kong 1997
Directed by Lam Yee Hung.

"My wife is a human! How come she's a rabbit?" pleads hapless Tsui Kam-Kong, who becomes a monk after realizing his wife (Diana Pang Dan) is in fact a Rabbit from heaven, slowly becoming corrupted by her involvement with humans. The Holy Madam (Theresa Mak) wants her rabbit back, and sends her Fairy (Wong Yut-Fei) down to capture or kill her as necessary. Her rabbit sisters May and Mui "jump" to the rescue.

May (Wong Lei) seduces their heavenly guards but is captured by the Holy Madam, while Mui (Jiang Chia Ling) escapes to earth but is wounded by hunters, then taken in by a kind scholar, who soon discovers he has picked up more than a rabbit. The movie basically then alternates between the two sisters: May gets naked, then Mui, then May does what rabbits do best, then Mui, etc., etc., while Tsui Kam-Kong tracks down his wife, and she practices her "virgin skills" in the hopes of becoming human.

Surprisingly sweet for a Hong Kong Category III film, in that all the sex is consensual. It comes closer than most Category III films to being suitable for couples to watch together, though the "fairy women devoted to pleasing their man" angle will likely start to wear a little thin. Note that none of the "name" actors, Diana Pang Dan, Theresa Mak, or even Tsui Kam Kong, take part in any of the sex scenes.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on September 24, 2006.

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