Eyes, The
India 2001
Directed by George Kitthu.

A teacher decides to take his college students on a study trip to the Mountain of Death. It must be an adult education class, some of the cast looks plenty old. They stay at a mansion that one the student Hari's grandmother happens to own, where they happen to stumble across an old painting of a beautiful woman, with only the feet of the picture incomplete. As if metaphoric of the state of historic preservation in the country, Hari promptly sits down and starts drawing her feet in on the hundred year old canvas. She eventually materializes, a vengeful Vani Viswanath, and starts killing everyone off one by one, sucking blood like a vampire, changing into the appearance of the student's woman friends to lure them out, like Nagin (1976). Later, she lures her victims out by singing a soulful, haunting tune: another classic gambit of the female spirits of India. The arrival of the police just makes things worse. In the end, a mystic ghostbuster shows up to do battle. A regional production featuring Tamil and Malayalam actors, none of whom are charismatic nor even particularly interesting. The music is likewise pretty dire. Although one has low expectations coming into a supernatural thriller like this, the large amounts of dead time in this production means that it isn't even good for a few laughs. A forgettable rehash of many better films.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on December 13, 2004.

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