Feel it...Say it
Hong Kong 2006
Directed by Bennie Chan.

The unfortunately named Dick Luk (Eric Kot) does exactly that for a living - he is a doctor of Genito-Urinary medicine, spending his days curing various sexually transmitted diseases. It's a job that's part doctor, part psychologist, as everyone is invariably ashamed, dismayed, upset, and begging for discretion. He feels above all these poor people who run about having affairs and contracting diseases until his own girlfriend, "Faye Wong" (not the real Faye Wong, played by Tiffany Lee) starts having an affair with a young massage therapist (Anson Leung). To close the loop, the massage therapist is the boyfriend of Dick Luk's assistant, Ma Hil-yeung (Candy Lo). Together the mild mannered, bow-tied doctor and his assistant learn of their betrayal, try to come to terms with it, and in the process find themselves getting closer and closer together.

What is the story with Eric Kot and Candy Lo? This is the third movie they have appeared in together this year in which they play a couple who are romantically attached (the other two are Half Twin and Cocktail). Are they a couple now in real life? Do they just like hanging out making movies together? In either case, this trend might officially make Eric Kot's transition from the most obnoxious actor in Hong Kong cinema to the coolest actor in Hong Kong cinema complete.

Not your typical romantic comedy, FEEL IT...SAY IT tells its story using voice-over, live action, documentary-style interviews, and moments of pure fantasy, such as when one couple reconciles as though they are Japanese samurai, one stabbing the other through the stomach with a sword. These moments are interesting, sometimes funny, but they also have the less desirable effect of distancing the viewer from the characters, who in these moments are more obviously playing roles. So the movie ends up being entertaining, but not very emotionally involving.

That's too bad, because Eric Kot and Candy Lo have great chemistry, and they create characters that, while not entirely lovable to us, can clearly be seen as a nice fit for each other. Their ex's fare well in the story, too, and are not portrayed as particularly evil people, just people who fell in love at an inconvenient time. Tiffany Lee is very sympathetic in her role (and quite sexy), but Anson Leung for the most part fails to live up to his side of the bargain, basically going for a "young Ekin Cheng" look and little else. The movie is packed with cameos from lots "B-list" stars, the guys who don't really sell tickets for appearing in films but who one hopes to see in more of them: Sam Lee, Tats Lau, Jerry Lamb, Chin Kar-Lok, Simon Lui, Emily Kwan. They all have their moments (usually as patients), some more memorable than others. I suppose in the final anaysis, this is about the most romantic movie you can make about a doctor who treats STDs. I don't know what to make of it, either.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on August 27, 2006.

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