Fight to the Finish 2003, A
Hong Kong 2003
Directed by Tony Leung Hung-Wah.

Here's a low budget action film that actually has something to say about human nature, and specifically what makes someone selfish, what makes someone heroic, and where exactly the line can be drawn between right and wrong. Michael Wong is an SDU member who witnesses another SDU member, played by Ken Wong, execute the leader of a gang of robbers they were in a gunfight with after he had surrendered. While Michael ruminates over whether to report Ken, and Ken gloats that because of him there is one less nasty criminal doing harm, the rest of the bad guys seek revenge for their boss, targeting both Ken, Michael, and their families. Michael's family is a mess, his exwife (Pinky Cheung) resentful that he selfishly puts his life on the line every day when he has a family to think of. Their daughter, at first, sides with her mother, but when her best friend is kidnapped by the robbers in the mistaken belief that she is Michael's daughter, her friend selflessly pretends she really is her daughter to keep them from tracking down the real one. Michael wants to go after her to save her, but his wife tries convincing him she isn't part of their family, so why should he risk his life? In that moment, her argument is turned on its head, and we see selfishness from another angle. All the other characters have similar moments, and decisions to make. Unfortunately, the movie is shot on video, poorly, and the ending consists of endless cat-and-mouse antics in an abandoned building.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on November 24, 2004.

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