Foolish 23
Hong Kong 2003
Directed by Geng Kai-Man.

When SARS began its terrifying spread across Hong Kong, no one was sure when, or even if, it could be stopped. No one knew precisely what caused it. All they knew is that it was a new, and deadly, disease. The biggest outbreak was in a poor unsanitary public housing block of Amoy Gardens. FOOLISH 23 takes these facts, and turns them into a comedy in which the Amoy Gardens residents bring SARS upon themselves because they are filthy, slovenly, and stupid. Oh, and they don't have Jesus in their lives. Hilarious! Or not. A foolish old man (veteran actor Cheung Ying-Choi) decides he can run his block better than everyone else, and hatches one scheme after another, that result in bankrupting the association and leading to general uncleanliness that leads to SARS. Finally, God intervenes and cleans it all up with a snap of his fingers. What a great message. First, blame the victims. Then, disregard the efforts of the international community to provide a cure. FOOLISH 23 is not a comedy, it's a joke.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on November 23, 2004.


Foolish 23 is a great movie. My favorite veteran actor CHEUNG YING CHOI is excellent.

Posted by: HT Long at March 23, 2007 10:40 PM
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