Forbidden Wet Tales
Hong Kong 2004
Directed by Patrick Li.

This has to be the rauchiest digital video Category III production I've ever seen. Emily Kwan is a cop looking for a missing girl, who suspects that a writer of erotic films (Eddie Lam) is involved. They swap tales about sex and domination while they wander the streets looking for the girl. Each tries to gain the upper hand and deliver a message with the story. Hey, it's sort of like a Category III version of HERO (2002, China, Zhang Yimou)! No, it isn't. Forget I even said that.

Stories include Princess Chang Ping having lesbian affairs in the convent, a Qing Dynasty emperor using sex cures, the Japanese Sado Abe, and even a WWII "The Night Porter" imitation. The last story almost seems like documentary, a girl from Japan making a Category III film in Hong Kong, feeling ashamed, getting her spirits up, and then going at it in a lively fashion. Emily Kwan turns in her usual non-nude Cat III performance (possibly, her worst yet), but all around her it is absolute bedlam as the imported talent (Japanese girls Haruka Serizawa and Ami Hishikawamin) do like Girls Gone Wild and appear in twosomes, threesomes, and even moresomes, and even some electronic equipment is busted out. The director makes good use of a split-screen technique in the opening story to take full advantage of the action. Despite copious nudity the movie is rather meanspirited and not particularly pleasant to watch. Matrix productions seems keen to push the boundaries of a traditional story-based sexploitation picture, this is pushed to the limit.

With "Carey Grant" producing and "Who Am I" taking screenwriting credit, its clear that the talent behind this production are proud of it and really want to stamp their names on it. Or, not.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on February 15, 2005.

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