Four Darling Daughters
Hong Kong 1969
Directed by Ho Gin Yip.

Four daughters live with their dad in miniskirted splendor. They wait on him hand and foot, he manages a piano company, and the girls play together as a band. Yueh-Hua (Josephine Siao) is the oldest daughter, and the least liked by dad, for reasons he does not disclose. She always strives for his favor, but never receives it. She meets Mr. Sung Kuo-Chi (Lui Kei), a radio drama writer, and they fall in love. He decides to get close to her father and change his mind about his elder daughter so she would be happy and perhaps they could get married. To work in the piano company, they pretend that he is the boyfriend of his favored daughter, Yueh-E (Lee Shut Kei). Dad immediately starts making wedding plans, much to everyone's consternation. Patricia "BoBo" Fung plays his third daughter, a young troublemaker, and the fourth is younger still. It's a family drama similar to the classic OUR SISTER HEDY but the focus is on only one of the daughters, with the others for the most part simply participating in the central story without having dramatic story arcs of their own. In the end, daddy drops a bombshell on the family that was totall unexpected. Josephine Siao is enchanting, and once again I feel frustrated that most of her work remains unavailable with English subs. Lui Kei is also quite charming, in his own way. The film is for the most part lighthearted drama and fans of Cathay/MP&GI films will find much to enjoy here as well. Note that the DVD has burned in subs that are quite small and difficult to read, and the colors have faded to near black and white.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on October 21, 2005.

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