Frugal Game
Hong Kong 2002
Directed by Chiu Shun Ki.

Two unemployed families, one consisting of Eric Tsang, Miriam Yeung, and Dodo Cheng, the other led by Wayne Lai, compete in a television game show, 'Frugal Game,' to spend the least amount of money possible in one week's time. Eason Chan is the unhappy director, who would rather be making period dramas starring Ti Lung. Certainly the theme of unemployment and thriftiness is timely for Hong Kong's recession bearing citizens, but the movie never takes off, and the fictional game show is more mild mannered and less shocking than, say, any given episode of FEAR FACTOR. Chan and Yeung fall for each other, but it comes off strained and the reunion is not as successful as their romance in last year's FEEL 100% II. When will Miriam Yeung's fifteen minutes of fame elapse? Not soon enough for this poor reviewer.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on May 19, 2004.

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