Ghost Eyes
Hong Kong 1974
Directed by Kuei Chih Hung.

I've always thought contact lenses were evil. Manicurist Bao Ling(Chen Szu Chia) accepts some new contacts from a spooky optometrist client (Szu Wei). Unfortunately, he is an undead vampire, and whoever wears his lenses becomes enthralled by his will (Weak vampire -- Christopher Lee never had to use special equipment to ensare with his eyes). The vampire is a bit of a sex fiend, as he uses his control of Bao Ling for sex at first, then later to force her to procure additional women for his lustful appetite. In the meantime Bao seems to be a rape magnet as everywhere she goes someone or something tries to molest her for no apparent reason. The plot has all the makings of an trashy Category III romp but instead the movie is quite restrained. Director Kuei Chih Hung, known for gritty filth and sleaze, leaves it out this time but to no good effect. While the early scenes are suspenseful and generate a creeping dread and nervousness regarding modern technology, the second half of the film devolves into routine. As usual, the at first skeptical pals try to defeat the vampire by enlisting the aid of a Taoist priest and trying various defenses they've read from Horror books.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on November 02, 2005.

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