Half Twin
Hong Kong 2006
Directed by Yip Wai Ying.

Mr. Ko (Karl Ng) needs to embezzle more money from the company he works for to pay off his debts, so he concocts an elaborate scheme to kill the head of the company, Lok Yan (Candy Lo), and replace her with her street tough identical twin, Lok Ling (also Candy Lo). Ling hates Yan for getting everything when their parents split, while Ling got nothing, since her mom died shortly after leaving, drunk and in a gutter, when she turned 10, and all she got on her birthday was molested by the pastry chef. So she plays along, and replaces her sister. Unfortunately her sister left diaries about everything, and pretty soon Ling realizes her sister was really allright, and she has made a horrible mistake.

Karl Ng is an overacting ham whose presence is not so much threatening as ridiculous, undermining the credibility of the production. Luckily the rest of the cast is strong, though Candy Lo does use clothing and hair style to differentiate her twins, she does not rely on this; she also does well with vocal/language differences and movement styles. Eric Kot is always a welcome supporting character, here he brings color and life as Yan's boyfriend Wing, a fun-loving, warm hearted photographer. Michelle Zhang also stands out as Mr. Ko's "security guard", who must keep an eye on Ling and make sure she doesn't do anything.

This is a cheap production, shot on video by director/cinematographer Yip Wai Ying, a veteran of the TROUBLESOME NIGHT series. It's not brilliant by any means, but think about this -- it is much more entertaining than the somewhat higher budget Candy Lo/Eric Kot Cocktail, released earlier this year, directed by the much lauded Herman Yau.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on August 26, 2006.

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