Heat Team
Hong Kong 2004
Directed by Dante Lam.

Completely ludicrous buddy cop picture that tries to combine serious action with completely unrealistic police procedures and behavior. Eason Chan is the slovenly cop who gets all the chicks, while Aaron Kwok is the uptight cop who is slightly dim, though extremely dedicated. The two fight each other as much as the bad guys, who are an international group intent on stealing a large diamond. The humor is decidedly downmarket, Eason Chan getting constantly wounded in the ass is what passes for a running joke. Yumiko Cheng plays their about-to-be-married partner and love interest; Wu Yu-Jun is the girlfriend of the diamond thief who is caught by the police and used as bait (and also love interest). Of all the performances, only Wu Yu-Jun stands out, inspiring sympathy even though the script is a shambles around her. The best scene is when the two rival spokespersons interrogate Wu Yu-Jun, Aaron Kwok comes in drinking a Pepsi, when he leaves, Eason Chan enters with a Coke. In this test of rival brands, it seems Coke is a better beverage for interrogation. The scene reminded me how artificial the American entertainment world is, where only one or the other seems to exist in any given movie. Yes, the product placement was more interesting than the film itself. HEAT TEAM has a few good scenes, but is lacking in good sense.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on January 20, 2005.

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