Jungle Ki Nagin
India 2003
Directed by Ramesh Lakhiani.

The Snake Goddess genre hits rock bottom with this regional production. Anjali is a chubby girl who keeps hearing voices and seeing snakes, while her husband Rahul (Amit Pachori), a beefy guy stuffed into an overly tight shirt, tries consoling her, even to the extent of ripping off a scene from Nagin (1976) and hiring a snake charmer to put a snake in the room to find later. Just in case it wasn't obvious that snakes are abused in these productions, JUNGLE KI NAGIN catches the snake actually striking the hand of the charmer -- to no effect, because its mouth is sewn shut. Unfortunately for Anjali, it turns out her husband had an affair with a cobra woman and she is still hung up on him, despite being dead. Only the timely intervention of a trident weilding mystic, and Anjali's undying love despite being played can save Rocky Studchest from his deadly fate. Making out with his women in the present and in flashback make up a great deal of the running time, and a subplot involving his servants fooling around take up the rest. The only serpentine action is comprised of regular shots of a cobra, usually at the end of each scene, with the sound of a cackling woman over it. "Let's go!" he says, they climb into the jeep and leave. On the ground behind them: the cobra! HAHAHAHAHAHA! They get out of the jeep and walk away. On the hood: the cobra! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No one ever notices this. If the cobra could have quit laughing, it would have made a great narrator. This apparently is what kind of work community theater actors get in India. Terrible acting, direction, music, dancing, and story, and thankfully only ninety minutes in length. The producer has his resume online, presumably he is in need of work and quite desperate.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on December 02, 2004.

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