Lifeline Express
Hong Kong 1984
Directed by Che-Keung Wong.

A fun comic romp about death. "Your willpower decides whether you live or die," the alarmingly intense hospital psychiatrist (Eddie Ko) proclaims. Meanwhile, Fatty (Kent Cheng) is praying for the life of his brother Tigerino (Teddy Robin), who was run over by a street vendor cart after a complex series of events that basically started because he was chasing skirts. Chasing skirts, in fact, appears to be his life's work. Fatty offers half his remaining life to Buddha in return to his brother's life, but ends up cursing Buddha as well. His brother lives, but suddenly it seems cursing Buddha was not the smartest thing he could have done.

All signs soon point to the possibility that Fatty's life is going to be cut short. He gets into a car accident with an Indian guru who predicts his death. When he goes to the bathroom at a disco, another man spies how "small" he is and comares it with his life expectancy. Every attempt he makes to turn around his bad luck only serves to make things worse.

His friend is completely unhelpful, as Tangerino can be summed up by the doggerel he sings early in the film:

easy skanking,

just dudes wanking,

positive vibrations,

heathen love.

Teddy Robin and Kent Cheng are a hilarious combination, and the characters they play are the usual small minded fools of Cinema City comedies, who, even in times of incredible danger or supernatural mystery, keep focused on getting the girl over everything else.

LIFELINE EXPRESS was available on VCD from Deltamac, but is now out of print.

Rating: Recommended (Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on October 15, 2006.

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