India 1970
Directed by Bhim Singh.

When Ajit Singh (Dharmendra) was a young boy, he was a ruffian and accidentally threw an honest student to his death during a scuffle. He ran away, into the arms of a thief who took him in as his own. Now grown up, Ajit is the best jewel thief in the business, and the envy of the local thug, who forces a beautiful young girl (Mumtaz) to get close to him and spy on him to save her brother. Naturally, they fall in love. And who wouldn't? Dharmendra is quite the charmer and as professional and polished as they come. A fun caper film. The showpiece is the ultimate diamond theft, featuring an ultra high security exposition foiled by a small walking toy dog. A subplot featuring an apple vendor that Ajit has befriended, who pretends to be wealthy to his daughter so she won't feel ashamed, drags the story down considerably at first, but resolves into a satisfying emotional payoff at the end when all the loose ends are tied together. While nothing really tops the horrific and lethal opening of the film, by the end I must admit to getting a bit misty-eyed.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on December 15, 2004.

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