South Korea 2002
Directed by Kang Hyun-il.

She's the primal deity, the one, of the primordial goddess myth of Korea. Everyone wants a piece of her. Hey, leggo my Mago! She splits into twelve muses, naked women (don't ask, the whole story is told in hallucinogenic flashback anyway), and they romp around in paradise with early mankind. But as usual, someone grabs for the forbidden fruit (this time, yummy grapes), and pretty soon everyone is clubbing each other to death, which brings us pretty much up to the present day. MAGO is a plea for enviornmental awareness that plays like PINK FLOYD'S THE WALL as produced by Greenpeace. Symbolic of man's destruction of nature, each of the 12 muses, each a part of the original goddess, symbolize parts of nature, and one after another they commit suicide, drown, light themselves on fire, and are beaten, humiliated, and raped, by corrupt and brutal man. Amid the destruction, we are constantly reminded of lost paradise, which rather resembles a nudist colony, but without badminton or volleyball. Lots of nudity, interesting music video-like scenes, overly pretentious dialog, it all adds up to something spectacularly silly. Frustrate the serious filmmakers even more than they already are by seeing the movie not for its message, but for the widely reported 825 nudes that appear, including 100 women from Seoul college campuses.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on July 01, 2004.

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