Marry a Rich Man
Hong Kong 2002
Directed by Vincent Kok.

Sammi Cheung has just one dream -- to marry a rich man. Richie Jen is her rich man of choice. Will it work? Or can there be love without money? Can she love a poor man? Like last year's LOVE ON A DIET, where two fat people fall in love but then become thin to be happy, MARRY A RICH MAN tells us you can fall in love with someone poor as long as they really end up rich at the end after all. Nice location shooting in Milan, but overall the picture is a good example of the kind of brainless feel-good drivel that tries to pass for entertainment every lunar new year. It tries to coast on the charisma of its stars, but sorry Richie, you're no Andy Lau.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on June 28, 2004.

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