Hong Kong 2001
Directed by GC Goo Bi.

Eric Tsang and his two kids, one a teenage boy, the other a little girl, open up a noodle shop for a few short months. During that time the two kids learn alot about themselves, make friends, fall in love. The boy falls in love with a girl, but her tomboyish sister begins to come between them after a chance game show appearance. Meanwhile, the young girl befriends a poor boy who lives with his grandmother and helps her collect garbage. The kids are all endearing but there's little else to recommend in this determinedly light tale which refuses to get very serious, even when the little boy has to go to an orphanage ("It's OK...I have lots of friends there!"). Based on a radio play.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on May 14, 2004.

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