My Rebellious Son
Hong Kong 1982
Directed by Sun Chung.

Ku Feng and Alexander Fu sheng play a father son team in this kung fu comedy about the well respected traditional Chinese doctor Master Chang (Ku Feng) and his troublesome, bored, rebel-rousing son Siu Tai(Alexander Fu Sheng). Master Chang tries to discipline his son, while Siu Tai tries to trick his dad -- both to no effect. Then a group of rich and powerful foreigners arrive in town with the idea of taking the gold idol of the Goddess of Mercy out of the temple, because one of them fancies it as an art object, not as a crude totem of worship. They assume they can just buy off the villagers, but though the governor and all the officials are easily bought, the villagers themselves are something else entirely. Soon father and son are leading the village in defense of the idol, facing off against the foreigners and the westernized Chinese. No opportunity is missed to show up western ideas as inferior, whether its medicine (Fu Sheng quickly mends a a girl's leg while the westernized Chinese scoff), or boxing (Chinese kung fu is pitted against huge, brawling boxer/wrestlers, with predictable results). Not content to simply smash westerners, a group of evil Japanese Kendo experts are also called in to be given a severe trouncing. All the "rustic Chinese peasant conquers the world" angle is layed on a little thick, Fu Sheng and Ku Feng make a good team and they are obviously having a lot of fun. Though there is very little emotional stake in the action here (it being a foregone conclusion who will win and who will lose), there is plenty of kung fu action to satisfy fans.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on October 19, 2005.

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