Hong Kong 1982
Directed by Patrick Tam Ka Ming.

The story of a group of fun loving young Hong Kong people who fall in love, have sex, dream of better places, wear little clothing, and strive to live their lives their own way. That is, until some crazy Japanese terrorist shows up and tries to kill them. Louis (Leslie Cheung) is a quiet, gentle sort of guy who helps out then falls in love with spirited Tomato (Cecilia Yip). His sister-in-law Kathy (Pat Ha) has a Japanese boyfriend, who also happens to be a member of the Japanese Red Army, a terrorist organization intent on fomenting World Revolution. He decides he wants out. In the meantime, Kathy has fallen for the rough but tender lifeguard Pong (Ken Tong), with whom she doesn't have to think so quite so much about World Revolution and such. Her old boyfriend hovers on the periphery while their romances play out in crowded, busy Hong Kong, in cramped quarters, dingy hotels, and even on a double-decker bus. They take a trip to Lantau island, camping together and killing time in a sort of youthful utopia. "We aren't doing anything for society," Tomato says. Louis responds, "What society? We are society." But outside forces interfere, and their peace and love is shattered, abruptly, inexplicably, and forever. An incredibly real film of lives observed, not characters performed, and of a group of people struggling to find a little breathing room in a society that has little room available.

Rating: Highly Recommended (Highly Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on January 25, 2005.

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