Osaka Wrestling Restaurant
Hong Kong Japan 2004
Directed by Tommy Lo Wai-Tak.

A low budget Japanese/Hong Kong co-production that makes up for lack of budget with energy and charm. Sammo Hung's son Timmy Hung plays Ricky, who dreams of becoming a famous chef. Wayne Lai is his estranged brother Mike, who is always cooking up another crazy scheme, a character trait that caused his wife and son to leave him. When their father passes away, they reconcile and use their inheritance to open a new restaurant in Hong Kong that focuses on delivering quality food in a pro-wrestling environment. Various complications ensue, from hiring the wrestlers, to defeating the restaurant next door, owned by a one-eyed Law Kar-Ying. Tats Lau chases a computer disc throughout the film in another amusing complication that recalls the Japanese film DANGAN RUNNER (1997). When the master food critic arrives (a cameo by daddy Sammo), the staff decide to cook from the heart, saying basically that "we're not very good at this, but we are sincere, and a great critic will be able to taste that and enjoy it." I felt the same when watching OSAKA WRESTLING RESTAURANT.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on January 12, 2005.

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