Possessed II
Hong Kong 1984
Directed by David Lai.

Apparently David Lai (Director) and John Au (Screenwriter) were not quite finished riffing on POLTERGEIST and the ENTITY after making Possessed, so here's a sequel with more, and what the heck, this time with a dash of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON as well. As if that isn't enough, a high tech band of Hare Krishnas arrive to save the day while a fat boy from the local elementary school proclaims, "I'm Superman. I'm going to destroy the world. But now I am going to give you my boogies."

Gary Siu stars again as a police officer, but no mention is made of events in the previous film, except for the fact that he wears a four-faced buddha charm every day, the very icon that provided protection from the spirits of the first film.

As the movie begins, he is moving with his family into a new flat, built right next to a graveyard and unsurprisingly haunted by spirits. His wife and daughter are quickly possessed by the spirits of the house, but he hardly notices since he is having an affair with the beautiful Pauline Wong. His wife starts getting action on the side, too, as her favorite pasttime when possessed is to have wild sex with repulsive strangers, then transform into a werewolf and kill them. One of the most memorable scenes of the film involves her seduction of a fat butcher in a delivery truck filled with pig carcasses.

The ghost woman was the lover of an American man who left her suddenly when she was pregnant. She waited for him to return for many years until she finally commits suicide, perhaps after watching MADAME BUTTERFLY. If only Pucchini realized, he could have written a sequel in which the woman's ghost returns to wreak vengeance and have lycanthropic sex.

All though there is a lot of sex in POSSESSED II, there is precious little nudity. The breasts on display are mostly prosthetic, especially when Kwan Mei-Bo transforms into werewolf-mode. The theme of ghost rape, inspired by the ENTITY and used heavily in Possessed, does not recur here. But a key special effect of THE ENTITY -- prosthetic breasts that move on their own (to simulate being groped by an invisible assailant) -- find their way into this film and appear during a werewolf transformation, for no discernable reason.

POSSESSED II is not quite as good a movie as the first, but it certainly beats POSSESSED in terms of wild imagery, improbable plot twists, and violence. The plot, such as it is, is difficult to follow the first time through, but I suppose that hardly matters.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on September 26, 2005.

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