Hong Kong 1996
Directed by Tony Ma Tin-yiu.

REBEKAH is the movie that dares to ask: if you aren't very talented, but have a nice body and big busts, can you become a success? The answer, of course, is that talent never had anything much to do with success anyway. Busts will get you farther, faster.

But Rebekah (Cammy Choi) finds out the path to stardom is more difficult than she thought -- she shags her boss to keep her singing gig, and makes a deal with Mandy (Lee Suet-man), an agent, to get her into movies in exchange for letting her client try to grasp her breast with a single hand. But then, after a stint on camera that includes having maggots dumped all over her in a cheap horror film (parodying UNTOLD STORY), she becomes Mandy's assistant, pimping out actresses and pageant winners to wealthy perverts for windfall profits.

There are various on-the-job challenges that she faces, like cleaning up the aftermath when some triad guys accuse her client of giving them VD, or dispatching an actress dressed as a police officer to have sex with a man who has received too many parking tickets. To say nothing of the double dildo chair from Brunei.

REBEKAH is filled with sex with a variety of participants, mostly of the pay-to-play variety, though some of it is quite mean-spirited, especially when a group of guys takes a drunk mainland girl off the street and rape her in what the director mistakenly thought was an amusing scene. A second rape later in the film is also played for laughs, though that time, with the goofy-looking Wong Yat-Fei as the perpetrator, and with everyone's clothes still on, the director comes a bit closer to fulfilling his intent.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on September 24, 2006.

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