Sai Teri Maya
India 2001
Directed by Ramanarayanan.

A devotional film praising the strength of Sai Baba and celebrating his glory, though you'd have to be pretty devout to overlook the flaws of this slow-moving, silly film that advertises itself as having "a lot of computer graphic scenes". It does, if you count repeating the same shots over and over again. Three evil magicians team up to kill and burn Suraj, a special child who is marked with a swastika on his right palm. Gangadhar, who lives in the local Sai Temple and sells idols, is told by his clay idols that he must put one in the house of Suraj, which he does despite the boy's father Pratap (Napoleon) being possessed by one of the magicians. The boy's mother, Laxmi, is devout but mostly useless, and whenever the chips are down everyone just starts shouting BABA! BABA! and the crusty old saint comes through. The movie gets off to a promising start when the villains are introduced, emerging from their sinister lairs, but once assembled they don't do much but stand around scheming. The much touted computer-graphics effects are a pair of garden shears that chase the boy and truly the worst looking CGI giant scorpion I have ever seen in my life. I would snap a screenshot to show but inexplicably the Eros DVD registers as Region 2 on my computer (my DVD player is region-free, if yours is not, take care before ordering this film). The single playback singer for the film, Rangnath, sings a series of straight devotional songs that are very traditional but pleasant, perhaps the only redeeming quality of the whole picture. A Tamil film, dubbed in Hindi on the DVD, with no original language track.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on December 05, 2005.

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