Seven Days in Coffin
Thailand 2003
Directed by C.H. Patchapol .

Mali was killed, drowned in the river. She flirted with lots of guys, so the cops have lots of suspects. And her girlfriend Pikul, devestated by Mali's death, is determined to get to the bottom of it. Oh, yes, and Mali's ghost is pretty pissed and wants revenge as well. But this is low budget, shot on video dross. Sigh. This is what happens when the Troublesome Night series goes to Thailand, the locals start getting ideas...

Well, her first day in the coffin is pretty eventful. The undertaker dug her when she was alive, so now that she's dead he takes the opportunity to grope her up a bit. This gets her ghost pretty pissed off. It's hard to imagine how much worse could happen for the next six days in coffin!

It's sort of like that Christmas song.

On the second day in coffin my true love's ghost did see
Two black cats jumping over the coffin
And an undertaker molesting her body...

It turns out Mali was pregnant (typical of a Thai ghost film, as unwrongfully murdered pregnant women traditionally become the most vicious type of ghost), and had slept with everyone in the village but the chickens, so there are lots of suspects. Everyone plays amateur sleuth and acts suspicious, a "voodoo doctor" is hired to provide some broad and unwelcome comic relief, and Mali's ghost floats around and refuses to say who killed her.

This very poor film is enlivened only at around the thirty minute mark by the appearance of a girl who is not part of the plot who happens to have an enormous chest. After splashing around in the water in a tight shirt for a while, she takes off her top. This also appears in the outtakes during the end credits -- she starts laughing because she can't get her shirt smoothly off over the very large obstacles in the way. This is an unusual amount of nudity for a Thai movie and I wonder if, being shot on video, this was even released theatrically, and if this scene was shot specifically for export. After this scene, the girl never appears in the film again. She simply vanishes; your interest will do likewise.

[The Tai Seng DVD has overpowering background music and sound effects, making it occasionally difficult to hear the dialog. But then again, I can't really understand Thai anyway. Starring Panida Vorabud, Kemasorn Nukao, and Surachai Sangarked.]

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on March 11, 2006.


I'm interested with the girl who is not part of the plot who happens to have an enormous chest

Posted by: Robin C. Villanueva at September 22, 2008 02:47 AM
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