Sex Medusa
Hong Kong 2001
Directed by Lor Wai-Tak.

A snake woman (Nomoto Miho) is flushed out of the sewer system by a commando force that uses flame throwers to torch the snakes in the pipes. Why they are doing this is never explained, but she appears topside, as a naked human woman, in a scene lifted from THE TERMINATOR. She is discovered by mild mannered Brother Choi (Tsui Kam Kong), who takes care of her but demands nothing, mainly because of his impotence ("Maybe it's because I killed my own wife," he muses). He also has a heart condition and is afraid of cats, due to the circumstances around his wife's accidental death, and he is also plenty rich. His cousin Marco (Vincent Wan) is deep into gambling debt with the local triads and hopes his girlfriend Grace's (Carrie Ng) scientific research into the glands of poisonous creatures will bear profitable fruit in time to make the loan sharks happy, because if it doesn't, his only hope is to inherit the wealth of his cousin Choi - after his death.

Brother Choi arbitrarily names the snake woman "Shit Fong." Good thing he never had kids. Shit Fong starts ovulating and starts wandering around demanding a man to fertilize her eggs so she can raise a brood of little slitherers like herself. During intercourse, snakes briefly rise out of her hair, giving rise to the title of the film, SEX MEDUSA.

The first half of the movie is surprisingly sweet, with Tsui Kam Kong as a likable if strange loner. Miho Nomoto is gorgeous and regularly naked, and passes the time eating live rats, chickens, or whole eggs. But the second half of the movie focuses much more on the secondary characters of Marco and Grace, both unpleasant company who wear out their welcome fairly quickly. For her part Grace's experiments include several unpleasant scenes of real snakes and tarantulas fighting and having needles stuck in them with gratuitous cruelty. One keeps hoping for Shit Fong to go nuts and start killing people, but her final snake transformation is nothing short of ridiculous (a multi-coloured wig and some novelty teeth) and her vengeance all too short-lived. Still, fans of Miho Nomoto, or of snake woman films in general, should not hesitate to pick this up. All others, approach with caution.

Rating: Marginally Recommended (Marginally Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on August 24, 2005.

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