Sexy Playgirls
Hong Kong 1973
Directed by Lu Chi.

"My sister is dying of leukemia" is an odd way to start a film about sexy playgirls. In fact one might be forgiven for thinking that there has been some mixup at the plant; the wrong title pressed on to a movie whose actual title is Crazy Miserable Sisters.

In fact it is impossible to find anything "sexy" about the premise: PeiPei (Li Ching) pays for Shanshan's (Chen Ping) medical fees by becoming the trophy wife of the hideous, one-eyed old Daoshen, who enjoys drugging her, watching her get assaulted by the chauffeur, then raping her. Her only comfort is in listening to a song about being a Golden Bird in a sad little bird cage. When the song doesn't work anymore, and Daoshan dies in bed, she just goes insane. When finally reunited with her sister, they meet Tao Sha, the singer of "Golden Bird," and a love triangle forms, that bursts Peipei's fragile sanity.

SEXY PLAYGIRLS is completely devoid of consensual sex. Instead, sex is used as a tool to force people to do your will, or as an act of revenge. Drugging is often involved. Writer/director Lu Chi must have just gotten dumped, and hated the world something awful. SEXY PLAYGIRLS is his revenge.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on March 23, 2007.

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