Hong Kong 2001
Directed by Lo Kim-Wah.

Stephen Fung and his pals hang out on the beach picking up women, until one day he runs into a girl he hasn't seen since High School. They look her up and visit only to find she has committed suicide over something he had done years previously. Now they must appease her ghost or suffer the consequences. But now, Fung has found his true love, and won't let her go, even though she is a ghost. Romances are all the rage this year, thank god this one is at least a ghostly romance. The film has a few plot twists that are enjoyable, though not entirely unexpected. The actual story could very easily wrap up at eighty minutes, leaving the last ten to dangle there and not really add much by way of entertainment. But all told -- and perhaps this is because I've watched all the TROUBLESOME NIGHT movies, or maybe because I've seen one romantic comedy too many, I found this film to be pretty enjoyable in spite of its flaws. And only in a Wong Jing produced film would the grandmotherly ghost expert (shockingly, NOT Helena Law), introduce the concept of communicating with the dead using e-mail. That's 'Evil Mail,' you see.

Rating: Recommended (Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on May 14, 2004.

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