Sky of Love
Hong Kong 2003
Directed by Teng Hua-Tao.

A boring remake of the not-very-interesting-to-begin-with Korean film DITTO, which was itself heavily inspired by the better-than-both-of-them-but-still-not-very-good American film FREQUENCY. They all involve talking to someone from a different time via some kind of magical ham radio. This time, Gigi Leung is from the eighties, Ken Zhu (of the Taiwanese boy band F4, an explanation that will be forever grafted at the end of his name until he makes a name for himself as an actor, too). They are in the same school, just different times. They chat about life and love. They have relationships in their own times which they develop based on information they get from each other. Look, Gigi Leung is great, but not even Gigi can save this tired and contrived story. The film looks good, even if the color schemes tend to lean towards the monochromatic, and the mainland college location is less than festive. Whatever, it's a stupid premise to begin with, and now that it's been around the world perhaps it can finally lie down and die. The cell phone that can talk to people in the future has already been done, anyway, and in a much more entertaining, richly emotional, and profound way, in Stephen Chow's God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on December 20, 2004.

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