Sweet Gang, The
Directed by Niran Thamprecha.

Four guys share a room in a guesthouse across the street from the girl's dorm, where four girls likewise share a room. Two of the boys are tough guys, one is a tranny (being a Thai movie, this is to be expected), and one is a quiet, small town, naive, kind boy (also a standard Thai movie character) named Banleng (Chaleum Chaimongkollab). The cool boys let them share their room, but they demand that Banleng screw a girl in three days to prove he isn't gay. Can it be done? Shot on video. Cheaply. Very, very cheaply. Sex comedy, Thai style.

Copious amounts of nudity could have saved this film, but is notably absent. Worse, whenever the sex comedy antics get a bit too naughty, the entire screen goes black and the word "sensor!!!" flashes. (With an "s", not a "c")One such scene lasts for several minutes, with the comic intent diminishing with one's patience.

The girls buy long eggplants and comic misunderstanding ensues. Are they for pleasure, or for cooking? The nice boy can't masturbate properly! What's wrong with him? The older woman who runs the guest house feels him up to determine condom size, then calls for a tissue! Hilarious! The tomboy loves the lady boy! And so on, and so on, at tedious length.

THE SWEET GANG is a shockingly cheap, poorly made movie with a crude and simplistic script. Even a first year film student would be ashamed to turn it in for an assignment. There are some good Thai movies out there, this is not one of them.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on April 07, 2006.

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