Tattooed She Killer
Hong Kong 1999
Directed by Ko Tin.

When Lin comes home to find her mom having wild sex with a gangster in the bedroom while her wheelchair bound father sits dejectedly in the living room, she runs away from home, gets raped and tattooed head to toe by Tsui Kam Kong, and starts to kill people, shouting things like "I will cut your balls!" Yes, it's not exactly highbrow art, but it has its moments.

Lin eventually teams up with three tough hostesses and form a girl fight squad, getting some weightlifting pointers from Ben Ng, who randomly enters the picture, helps them through a fight, spots them during their training sequence, and then vanishes. Lots of fights, sword slashing, gunplay, and blood. Apparently the prop department had a severed arm prop they really liked, as it makes numerous appearances. Despite all this, the film is poorly shot, and badly in need of editing. There is no nudity, instead, a lot of screen time is spent zooming in to girls dancing in a club wearing street clothes, working out in spandex, and so on, as if this is supposed to be titillating. It isn't.

Rating: Not Recommended (Not Recommended)

Posted by Peter Nepstad on October 10, 2006.

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